I haven’t studied the traditional way of learning Cantonese but it sounds very scary, all the tones and things, and when I look up this way of learning and try to sing it, I feel it’s so enjoyable it actually makes me want to learn it, so I’m very happy I have discovered this, thank you!” – Oriana Matthies, Fashion design and marketing, from Venezuela

Learning the tones is such an integral part of learning vocabulary and seeing it written down helps to remember the tone of each word. It clarifies everything and makes it a pleasure to learn and much easier to review and practice afterwards.” – Anna Bate, Examiner for IELTS, from UK


I’ve found this Cantonese class the most realistic of all the Cantonese classes I’ve attended to date. Realistic I say because of its very sensible explanation of the tones of the language, making the analogy to the human hand, an item that is always handy.” – Graeme Morris, Guitar performer and teacher, from UK


Chantoneasy is an innovative system in learning Cantonese for Westerners. It combines music melodies, a specially designed symbol intonation system and phonetics. Since it is quite difficult for western people to get the correct intonation in speaking Cantonese, the Chantoneasy system makes easy for people who have no idea [about] Cantonese speaking and could make them speak more like the local Chinese. It’s a super user-friendly-designed system that requires no special knowledge in pronunciation. Bravo!” – Daniel Chu, Sacred Heart Primary School Vice Principal and teacher, from HK


Tiffany, your “visual tone-based” Cantonese-teaching method integrating perfectly with Western musical notation is creative. The method is especially useful and effective to the learners whose native languages are not tonal, such as many European languages, Japanese and so forth. The learners can pick up the 6 to 9 tones of HK-accented Cantonese within a shorter period of time of learning and they can learn to speak Cantonese in a more “language-friendly” way. I appreciate your sincere and hard effort on bridging the cultural gap between East and West and introducing Hong Kong to the world through teaching Cantonese to people of other nationalities in English as a medium of instruction.” – SK Sye, History and Chinese Language Professor at a HK local Secondary School


A fun and easy way to learn Cantonese without being stuck on the tones!  Plus, Tiff tailors the content to your interests and needs which is so helpful!” – Amanda Cook, web-based ‘Wellpreneur’, from the US


A very unique and simple way of learning a tonal language, in an enjoyable relaxed way.” – Zak Mazeika, IT Security specialist, from UK/US

Thanks for the intro! I love your system – so much more intuitive and logical than Jyutping / Yale ridiculousness. I hope this catches on and revolutionizes Canto teaching!” –  Robyn Crowter, Lawyer, from UK/HK


I had a number of classes with Tiff Chan last year and enjoyed them a lot. My own circumstances were that I had learned some Cantonese previously, as well as even more Mandarin, and so was some way from being a total beginner. She focuses strongly on getting the Cantonese tones right – a very important factor in the language, and has her own system for this, a practical and user-friendly system that does speed up the whole process.“- Barry O’Rorke, Actor, from UK